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Hosting nearly half a million international students, Canada is known to offer high quality education at affordable tuition fee with degrees that are globally recognised. Add to it, an excellent quality of life, immense post-study work and immigration opportunities - Canada stands out as a popular country to study among Indian students.
Canada places a lot of importance to education and maintains very high standards in education. A degree acquired from Canadian universities in recognized globally and is valued highly in the international job market. Canada is renowned for its research-intensive universities. Canada is ranked 4th in the world for scientific research.
The school systems in Canada are different from each other, depending on the province or territory. Education is available in both English and in French in most places, provided there are enough students in that area speaking the secondary language. High school is typical till grades nine to 12. In Québec, high school ends in grade eleven and is followed by a program that prepares the student for university or a technical field called CEGEP. IRCC, Canada has launched the Student Direct Stream (SDS) program in India on 8th June 2018 to provide more eligible Indian students with the opportunity to study at a Canadian post-secondary institution (Universities and Polytechnics) and for the faster student visa application processing time.
Beyond this, students can attend either vocational schools or enter a university. At a university, they will first earn a bachelor’s degree and can continue studies to receive a Master's or a Doctorate degree. Vocational students will earn certificates and diplomas that will help improve their skills in the various trades.
The choice of schools in Canada is wide and varied, from major research institutions to small liberal arts schools & universities offer a wide range of undergraduate, graduate and professional degree programmes in a very flexible mode. Canada has 100 universities, 200 colleges & renowned institutes, accredited language schools as well as specialised institutes.
Canada offers not only quality education, but education which is affordable for international including Indian students. Compared to countries like the UK, USA and Australia, cost of education in Canada is quite moderate. 5 Canadian Universities feature in World's Top 100 Universities and offer 1-3 Years Post-study work permit option.Part-time work allowed with studies. Average part-time earning range is between C$ 11-15.More than 2,60,000 international students are present in Canada.Land of inventions which include Insulin, Superman, Basketball, Snowmobile, Walkie Talkie, Sonar, IMAX, Pacemaker, Alkaline Battery, Paint Roller, Pager, Peanut Butter, Java, Telephone, Blackberry and many more. Canada has given the world 23 Nobel Laureates.

The Cost of Studying in Canada

Studying in Canada is very affordable. Usually, undergraduate fees for international students are around CA$ 25,000 per year, depending on what course of study you’ve chosen and which university you have enrolled in.Studying more expensive courses such as engineering and medicine can cost on average CA$ 28,000 per year as an undergraduate.

There are several steps you must go through including:

•    Register with EduEnroute Overseas and take counselling session with certified Counsellors
•    Deciding on your preferred course and institution.
•    Submitting your application to the institution.
•    Receiving and accepting a Letter of Offer.
•    Get counselling on visa from our experts
•    Applying for Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC)
•    Paying Fee
•    Applying for your student visa.
•    Attend our pre-departure session and get ready to depart for Canada

There is a range of entry requirements that you will need to meet both for your institution application and your visa application. This can include:
•    Academic requirements.
•    English language requirements.
•    Evidence of funds to support your study.
•    Passport