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About Us

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce our organization, EduEnroute Overseas, a leading International Student recruitment company of India which has been initiated by industry experts. We have started our operations in 2019 with our first office in the Capital city of India – New Delhi.

We at EduEnroute Overseas focus on client satisfaction, while keeping in mind service quality and the needs of the client. We at EduEnroute Overseas, understand and fulfill every requirement of our clients to the best of our abilities. When it comes to visas, we analyse our client’s complete profile, taking into consideration their qualifications and achievements and comparing them with the criteria that has been set by the authorities, thus ensuring success in the visa application process.


As an organization we aim to better ourselves as we grow and provide finest possible services that cater to international student needs, by maintaining highest possible quality standards. Besides education, the EduEnroute Overseas aims to offer a wide variety of services, catering to almost all international student needs and requirements for their smooth transition in to the new world (For example: Accommodation assistance, On arrival assistance and other Value-added Services)

With a strong presence, our primary focus remains on student recruitment. Therefore, establishing intimate relationship with education providers and living up to the recruitment standards, is one of the principal goals of EduEnroute Overseas. We believe that it is only by establishing and strengthening relationships harmoniously, with reputed institutions like yourselves, our team can truly live up to the mission of bringing aspirations of many students of attaining quality education, to life.


No business enterprise can survive without adhering to a set of personal values.We at EduEnroute Overseas are committed to quality before quantity and hence, conduct business operations in the most ethical manner possible. Every client is given advice that will assist him/her to the best of their interest.

It is our customers who would help us attain the success and therefore, we continuously strive to better ourselves to live up to and better the standards we have created for ourselves.