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Accommodation is all about making room — it can mean a room or place where you will stay or an agreement about sharing something.

It is important to know about your accommodation options and book it before you land into your destination.

Shared Accommodation – This is an kind of accommodation where premises are shared by 3- 5 people usually with common kitchen and washroom.
Studio Apartments – These are high rise apartments usually booked on by individuals and are on non-sharing or usually booked by couples. These are fully furnished in majority of cases.
University Accommodation – These are hostel accommodations available inside university premises. They are booked well in advance and can be on single room or sharing basis. You can check on Universities website to check more details on same and also about availability.
Private Accommodations – These are usually local houses of residents given on rental basis on contracts to individual
Homestay – These are shared accommodation with Local residents of country who usually rent a spare room to students. Also preferred by Under 18 Students.
Other Types  - Other options are Hotels, Motels, Air BNB which are usually small term accommodations which can be booked temporarily until you find one permanent.

Please connect to you counsellor at EduEnroute Overseas who would help you book your accommodation before you reach your destination.